hueOn app

"A real light changer"

Step 1: Open the App
Step 2: There is no step two!

Ever wanted to switch on your Philipps Hue lights the easy way? HueOn finds all the Hue lightbulbs in your network and switches them on. Easy, fast and reliable. Just open the app and let the magic happen.

A fine selection of colors will help you to select the hue of your lightbulbs just the right way. Switching on philips hue lightbulbs has never been easier.

All the right settings

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What users say

"A real light changer!"
"Such a obvious feature finally available! Thank you!"
"Even my kids can use Philips Hue now"
"That app is changed the way i use my Hue lightbulbs"

Where to get it

At the moment HueOn is an iOS only app. You can get it in the App Store. Thank you for supporting! App Store HueOn